Project Limits:

The DelDOT North District Maintenance Yard at 39 East Regal Boulevard, Newark DE 19713.

Project Need:

The North District is in need of an overall expansion and redevelopment of the North District Maintenance Yard. The yard has reached its capacity in terms of space, and a number of buildings are needed to be newly constructed, replaced and/or renovated. Increased capabilities will include training areas, additional storage areas, additional truck sheds, new hopper racks, a new administration building, an upgraded truck wash, a new salt barn, a new maintenance shop, a new Crew Operations building, and a renovated/retrofit Crew Operations building.

Project Overview:

The current North District Maintenance Yard will be expanded and redeveloped.

Project Timeline:

Design Phase:

Design work in the final plans stage has recently begun in August 2017.

Construction Phase:

Construction work to begin in September 2018.

Additional Comments

This project anticipates very little impact to the public